Historical Southern Antebellum Plantations

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As a child, I was fascinated with southern plantations. My wonderful mother would take me to see them in Natchez, Mississippi- as we lived only 2 hours away. As an adult, when I moved back to Mississippi in the mid-1990's- I began making an effort to tour the plantations I always wanted to see. I have visited most of the plantations in Mississippi and Louisiana- some several times.
A few years ago I thought it was finally time to document my visits to these places for others to get inspired to take time to see these wonderful places.

I took the following photographs over the last 15 years while visiting most plantations available to tour across Mississippi and Louisiana.

In this world of 'plantation tourism,' some plantations are more authentic than others. These opinions listed on my web page are solely mine.
As a researcher of southern history and visiting southern plantations for over 17 years, I think I am more than qualified to suggest the best 'true' plantations that are a must see. There are a few plantations that I have not had the chance to visit yet, but when I do, I will add them to this page.

I have listed the best plantations to see as 'Highly Recommended.'

The best historical plantations to see in Louisiana & Mississippi:

Other plantations listed on this page: